Nancy Thompson Photography

Beautiful Claire…I love shooting senior portraits!

I am lucky enough to have been photographing Claire and her family (including her adorable pooch) for years, so when it came time for her senior portrait, I was thrilled to get the call! We met at a beach location in South Laguna that I have only recently started to use. It was an perfect day…a little on the cooler side…and the light was amazing. Claire has obviously grown into a gorgeous woman, and the fact that she is comfortable in her skin made the shoot that much more fun! We ran all over the beach for the better part of an hour and captured some images I hope she and her family will cherish forever!! I sure enjoyed taking them!!

close-up on stairs
full body shot leaning on the rock wallvertical shot on the stairsblack and white shot on the woodfull color shot on sand with the bamboo backgroundagain laying in the sand full body and half colorsimple color in denim jacket against greeneryclose-up black and white serious expressionfull body shot with wave crashing in the backgroundfull body shot pulled back with ocean in backgroundup against the beautiful rod iron fence full bodycloser image against rod iron fence in half color

Thanks again, Claire, for letting me be a part of this amazing time in your life!! Congratulations on your graduation, and best of luck in college!!