Nancy Thompson Photography

Move over George Clooney…meet Chad…

So…I get a message from a friend I went to middle school with, asking if I would photograph her son…he just graduated from Colorado State and would like to make a little extra money maybe modeling or acting. Of course, I am up for the job! I had done a mother/son photo session with them years ago when Chad was about 10. Needless to say, Chad has grown up a little…wow…what a hunk! The photo shoot was a blast…I had to be careful not to shake the camera…we spent a lot of time laughing! Even with his crazy good looks, I know it will be hard for him to break into the entertainment industry without much experience, but I am quite sure he will find a way!

leaning on doormr coolfull body against brickstairs with green pantsby tireblue shirt on stairsclose-up with scarfselenium with sunglassesfull body red stairslaughing

Thanks Chad (and Hydee!) for letting me photograph you…now I will be able to say I knew you when…:)

Just hangin’ in the orange grove with the “P” family…

This was the first time I met the P family…but I sure hope it won’t be the last! The whole family was quite easy on the eyes, but these 2 girlies were just ADORABLE! There was nothing they could do that didn’t make me want to “click, click, click”! Every tear and wrinkle of those cute noses was photo-worthy…and the hats and pink cowboy boots just put me over the edge! I really love my job!!!

cowboy hat in profileclose-up bday girlbday girl full body with hatjust feetnot happyflare and tractordrivingwhole fam walking awayfam by orange treesdaddy helpingfam crouchinggirls with nakey toeschecking out my feethuggygolden girlsgolden girls with tudepops

The lollipops saved us towards the end of the shoot…as they usually do…and at Momma P’s suggestion we were able to get a few last minute shots in the tall “grass” (sounds better than weeds). These ended up being some of my favorites! Thanks so much for letting me photograph your beautiful family! XO

Here come the girls in white…

16 beautiful little girls running around old town San Juan in their 1st communions dresses…does it get any cuter!? We most certainly gathered a crowd! This is the third time I have been lucky enough to photograph a group of girls shortly after they have received their 1st communion. This was the largest group yet, and I think we got some of the best images! I was able to capture images of each of the girls alone, the entire group, and then we finished off with buddy shots which allowed the girls to get pretty silly…so fun! For years I have been photographing the families of several of these girls…that made the shoot even more special to me…I can’t believe how fast they grow up!

looking at prayer handsprayer hands with flowersclose-up with veiltwo girls colorlooking at each otherall over exposedfull body bricksjust prayer handsgroup at adobeava close-uplooking up2 girls close-uphuggingjust maddyentire group

Thank you Angelina, Ava, Caroline, Danielle, Emily, Jena, Kaley, Katlyn, Lauren, Madelyn, Olivia, Sara, Sarah, Savanna, Sydnee and Tatum for one of my all-time favorite photo sessions!!

Beautiful Claire…I love shooting senior portraits!

I am lucky enough to have been photographing Claire and her family (including her adorable pooch) for years, so when it came time for her senior portrait, I was thrilled to get the call! We met at a beach location in South Laguna that I have only recently started to use. It was an perfect day…a little on the cooler side…and the light was amazing. Claire has obviously grown into a gorgeous woman, and the fact that she is comfortable in her skin made the shoot that much more fun! We ran all over the beach for the better part of an hour and captured some images I hope she and her family will cherish forever!! I sure enjoyed taking them!!

close-up on stairs
full body shot leaning on the rock wallvertical shot on the stairsblack and white shot on the woodfull color shot on sand with the bamboo backgroundagain laying in the sand full body and half colorsimple color in denim jacket against greeneryclose-up black and white serious expressionfull body shot with wave crashing in the backgroundfull body shot pulled back with ocean in backgroundup against the beautiful rod iron fence full bodycloser image against rod iron fence in half color

Thanks again, Claire, for letting me be a part of this amazing time in your life!! Congratulations on your graduation, and best of luck in college!!

Hunky Cowboy, Gorgeous Horses, The Perfect Light… Another Tough Day at Work

Finally, my first blog! Long overdue!

Here are a few images from yet another day where I realized how tough my work is. Hunky cowboy… check! Gorgeous horses… check! Perfect light… check, check! I was so happy to have a reason to pull out my cowboy boots, and from the moment I arrived at the barn, I knew it was going to be a great shoot! The horses were so intrigued by my camera, I think they even liked posing! I got to photograph everything from grooming, tacking and loving up the babies, to playing on the trails! Definitely a day in paradise for this true cowgirl-at-heart!

hugging horsehorse face
from backears up
eyewalking towards
sepia runningsepia faces
running colorgood ride

Thank you Nolan, for a wonderful shoot with you and your beautiful four-legged babies!!