Nancy Thompson Photography

Move over George Clooney…meet Chad…

So…I get a message from a friend I went to middle school with, asking if I would photograph her son…he just graduated from Colorado State and would like to make a little extra money maybe modeling or acting. Of course, I am up for the job! I had done a mother/son photo session with them years ago when Chad was about 10. Needless to say, Chad has grown up a little…wow…what a hunk! The photo shoot was a blast…I had to be careful not to shake the camera…we spent a lot of time laughing! Even with his crazy good looks, I know it will be hard for him to break into the entertainment industry without much experience, but I am quite sure he will find a way!

leaning on doormr coolfull body against brickstairs with green pantsby tireblue shirt on stairsclose-up with scarfselenium with sunglassesfull body red stairslaughing

Thanks Chad (and Hydee!) for letting me photograph you…now I will be able to say I knew you when…:)