Nancy Thompson Photography

Just hangin’ in the orange grove with the “P” family…

This was the first time I met the P family…but I sure hope it won’t be the last! The whole family was quite easy on the eyes, but these 2 girlies were just ADORABLE! There was nothing they could do that didn’t make me want to “click, click, click”! Every tear and wrinkle of those cute noses was photo-worthy…and the hats and pink cowboy boots just put me over the edge! I really love my job!!!

cowboy hat in profileclose-up bday girlbday girl full body with hatjust feetnot happyflare and tractordrivingwhole fam walking awayfam by orange treesdaddy helpingfam crouchinggirls with nakey toeschecking out my feethuggygolden girlsgolden girls with tudepops

The lollipops saved us towards the end of the shoot…as they usually do…and at Momma P’s suggestion we were able to get a few last minute shots in the tall “grass” (sounds better than weeds). These ended up being some of my favorites! Thanks so much for letting me photograph your beautiful family! XO